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7 Tips To Learn to Play Piano Online


If you want to discover how to learn to play piano online, then check out these tips in my post below:

1.- Analyze your financial resources

Knowing the amount of money, you can allocate to learn to play piano online, you will be able to choose an affordable course for you.

  • The prices of online piano courses are variable.
  • Possibly, you will find lessons between 30 and 50 US dollars per week.
  • There are quite a few instructors who offer their services online for different fees.
  • Thus, if the instructor’s qualifications are high, so will the fee, and vice versa.

I advise you to visit several places so that you investigate and inform yourself well before deciding. Never act lightly so as not to have a bad experience.

You can take advantage of free lessons offered by some websites from time to time. However, doing this alone is not the right way to good learning.

2.- Find a Good Online Piano Instructor

Your good online piano learning will need the guidance, teachings and corrections of a trained instructor. Therefore, you have to conduct research on the Internet.

When doing your research, you will most likely be surprised to find many accomplished artists offering online teachings.

  • The methodology is variable.
  • Some of them will offer you videos and weekly lessons that you will have to study.
  • Others will use a webcam to interact with you.
  • Whatever the method, it is important that you can ask and receive support to solve your doubts and problems.

3.- Evaluate the Available Options for Online Piano Learning

You will be able to make your decision choosing whether video tutorials or online text-based tutorials are more convenient for you.

Don’t make your final decision without thoroughly evaluating the instructional options available.

I advise you to visit many websites before committing to anyone. Doing this is even more important if the cost of the lessons is not cheap.

Nor do I advise you to commit to a site where they offer you a lot for a very low cost. That would be suspicious.

4.- You must Learn to Play the Piano Online with a Qualified Teacher

Not all teachers have the same teaching skills and abilities. As in everything, some are better than others or, perhaps, they combine better with us.

How to find out which one is the right one? I recommend asking for information on:

  • The biography
  • Applied studies
  • Experience
  • and Credentials of each teacher.

If you are just an instructor, in addition to doing what has been said, I recommend asking for a trial lesson before committing.

5.- Learn to Play Piano Online by Regularly Attending Your Sessions

If you love the piano and are serious about learning to play it, you should take your online lessons seriously. Never forget that if you really want to learn piano, you will need to spend enough time on your learning.

Therefore, you most likely want to start your sessions as soon as possible. Start by becoming familiar with your instructor and their way of teaching.

Advance by doing some of the basic work at home, prior to the lesson you are going to receive. This way you will progress more quickly in your piano learning. In addition, this way you will avoid paying for unnecessary additional lessons.

6.- How to Learn Piano Online Devoting Time

You won’t be able to learn to play piano online if you don’t spend enough time studying it. As s in everything, perseverance and dedication are essential if you want to learn to play piano online.

How much time daily and how many days a week? My advice is that you initially dedicate 15 minutes a day, 7 days a week. It may not seem like much to you.

I will explain you now. At first, you will learn small pieces that do not require so much time. This way you will become familiar with the instrument.

On the other hand, with 15 minutes a day, you will prevent your fingers, hands and back from becoming fatigued. As you progress you will learn longer and more complicated pieces.

Then, you will have to progressively increase the daily study time. You will go from 15 minutes to 20, 30, 45, 1 hour. Little by little, you will cultivate the art of perseverance, as you perfect your art.

7.- Sign up for a Learn Piano Online Session

Undoubtedly, you want to search for a trustworthy website. And so it must be. Try to get signed up for a trial session on various online piano teaching websites.

If you get it, you will be able to compare the different sites, before making your decision. Likewise, you will be able to tell if each instructor is genuinely educational.


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