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How To Keep The Bathroom Tidy And Not Die Trying

It has happened to you, admit it. They are on Instagram, Pinterest and everywhere in between. Maries Kondo 2.0, the army of Maries and all of the photos of bathrooms that you have longed for. These drawers are organized in such a way that order reigns supreme, they deserve a post. They are the drawers that have everything in them, and where everything seems to be on a custom-made site. Is it possible? We’re going to show you how you can do it too so that your draws and bathroom looks like a magazine photo shoot set.

To keep your bathroom clean and tidy, there are three things you should know.

1. Define the space

Drawers, countertop, shelves, auxiliary furniture, etc. You must be clear about how much storage space you need to maximize it.

2. Take inventory

You can review each product you want to save and arrange them by family members: makeup, nail care, manicure, skin care, body care, and so on. This will make it easier to organize things and also help us get rid of unnecessary items.

3. Get involved

If you measure the storage space available, it will make shopping easier. It doesn’t matter what you use, shelves, sink countertops, drawers, or otherwise. You need to know what goes in your shelves.

Three options to organize your bathroom for once

We know that color preferences are very important so we offer three options to help you get inspired. All of them are linked to bamboo, which has seen the most growth in decoration. Bamboo is a versatile material that is both eco-friendly and can be cleaned easily.

Option 1: Place a chill corner on the countertop

If you’re looking for something more decorative than organizing, we recommend that you create a cool corner on your countertop and keep your personal care items organized.

We chose a cotton disc dispenser and another one for tissue paper. A single container is large enough to store facial cleanser and hairbrush, and small enough to hold ball-shaped cottons. But you can also use it for other products such as makeup. Keep more of what you use most.

You can use some of your creativity, such as flowers or a candle, to create a relaxing environment in your bathroom. Use neutral colors or light colors to encourage calm.

Option 2: Place your order within the drawers

If you believe in the Konmari method, then you will want to organize your countertop and keep everything inside the drawers. This will not only be easy on the eyes, but also make it look more attractive. You can use a combination of bamboo containers like the one on the countertop and stackable polystyrene box of various sizes to organize the drawers. You can also choose to cover them or not.

We suggest a simple trick for drawers. You can use different papers to measure your containers. Then, “play Tetris” with them in your drawer. This will help you find the best storage solution. Don’t be too concerned about it. These containers aren’t custom-made, so there will be some space left. It is not a problem, but a solution. We are confident that you will find the right shape when you least expect it… and it will require a hole!

A second level can be added, which allows you to combine the boxes and keep the products we don’t use as often on the lower levels.

Option 3: Bathroom trolley

This latest design is for those who have very little space. To get the extra storage we need, a bathroom trolley is the ideal partner. You can either use the same storage solutions as the drawers, or you could use a more organized organizer with two levels that allows for more space. Prioritize the most important products and keep them on the highest floor.


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