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My name’s Charlotte Gray. I currently live in the US in a small town in Colorado. I live in the Prairie, like, “Little House on the Prairie”. Life sure is quaint here and I love the lifestyle so much that I decided to write this blog. I write about the Prairie, but a lot more than just that.

I’m a young mom and explorer of life itself. I love to try out new things and discover anything that might spark new life and fun in to my life.

A couple of years ago I decided to write a blog. I can honestly say that is was a great decision. My posts have been educational for many people and have helped others to make life decisions and even change aspects of their life.

This blog is all about life, lifestyle and making a difference. I try to cover a wide range of topics that might range from how to get rid of a trapped nerve through to posts on how to get rid of as well as posts on how to lay artificial turf through to posts on how to date.

I started to build this blog as a hobby in the beginning, but it has now started to make some money that has since enabled me to blog full time. The focus for this blog is to research topics that readers are interested to read about and to learn about a range of subjects that could change your life and put you on a higher level where you could please yourself on a more successful and fulfilled path in life.

Why not bookmark this site so you can come back and discover more from me as I research life itself.

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