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7 Tips To Check When Hiring An Attorney


It can be a difficult task to hire a lawyer, especially if you’re not familiar with the legal system in your particular state. Don’t worry though, because hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to be a headache! The first thing you need to do before hiring a lawyer is to try and find people who have used the services of a lawyer and get a referral. Then evaluate the results from your initial list of lawyers. Here are some important things you must know about any attorney you’re thinking of hiring:

Licensing and Certification

Be sure the attorney is licensed and certified as an attorney and check up on their professional history. It is also a good idea to make sure they have a working relationship with a local bar association. The second thing you need to know before hiring a lawyer is to evaluate their personality. Ask people you know for impressions of how the attorney is. You’ll find that many lawyers are very similar in their general demeanor; therefore, if you meet the attorney first you can gauge his nature easily.

Find Out The Hourly Rate

Lawyers generally quote their hourly rate before work begins. However, it is important to ask about their policy regarding charging fees before you begin meeting with them. Some attorneys will only charge you by the hour, while others will not charge any fee at all. In the end, choosing an hourly rate that seems okay but isn’t reflective of the services provided may leave you frustrated with the attorney.

Contingency Fee Arrangements

Often when you meet with an attorney, he or she will discuss a contingency fee arrangement. This is where the lawyer agrees not to collect any of your recovery from the other party until you’ve settled on a certain amount of money. For example, you have hired a lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case. He or she will agree to take no charge from you until you have received a certain settlement.

No-Cost or Flat Fee Arrangement

Many people feel uncomfortable hiring an attorney without knowing what the flat fee means. Many times, lawyers offer a free consultation to potential clients where they can tell you what they charge and why. If you don’t like the flat fee arrangement, many people can arrange a “contingency fee” arrangement with their attorney where they only pay a percentage of the final settlement or award. Therefore, it is important to ask your lawyer whether he or she will accept a contingency fee arrangement.

Hourly Rates

Some lawyers work exclusively for a single client, while others offer a range of hourly rates. Before hiring a lawyer, determine the hourly rate that is right for your situation. For instance, if your case involves an automobile accident and your lawyer will not be paid unless your case is resolved satisfactorily, you would likely be better off with a one-time hourly rate. It is important to ask about the hourly rate prior to hiring the lawyers. You will find that there are many hourly rates available, but you should consider that some lawyers who are well-known for their litigation skills tend to charge more hourly than others.

Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you have selected the right lawyer, you will next need legal advice on how to proceed. Hiring an experienced attorney can mean the difference between settling quickly and taking years to litigate your case. You also need to be sure that the attorney you hire is registered to practice law in your state and has sufficient experience in handling cases similar to yours.


It is important to know how long lawyers have been practicing. Many of the best lawyers start out by providing general legal services to individuals and small businesses. As their client base increases, they may specialize in a particular area of the law. If you require the type of legal representation described above, it is a good idea to look for attorneys who have practiced in your area of expertise for several years. Attorneys who have made a good living representing individuals or small businesses will have a firm understanding of what the requirements are in your area, and they will also be familiar with the local court system, which can make your case more easily settled than if they were working on a more complicated case.


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